Building a multimedia database of original traditional cultural and artistic creators.

Presentation of elements of intangible cultural heritage (NKB) in a specific locality.
NKB elements have their heirs. The heirs promote and pass on the elements of the NKB, which they inherited, to the younger generations. Places where you can see elements of the NKB are usually events for the presentation of traditional cultural heritage or folklore festivals. Folklore festivals are usually organized in one place and have their own organizers.

photo Exhibitions of traditional instruments / musical instruments in B&H

is led by the CIOFF® BiH Youth Section as part of the CIOFF® global project. The partner in the realization of the project is the Society for Digitization of Traditional Cultural Heritage (Society for DTKB), which participates in the processing of materials and ensures accessibility via the web..

The materials presented on this page were collected and processed by Ana Marić from Široki Brijeg and Dženita Osmanović from Puračić.
This exhibition is being prepared for CIOFF® festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries.
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Croatian Cultural Society Vrila Široki Brijeg

HKD Vrila Široki Brijeg has its roots in the middle of the last century. After a break in activities due to the war, the work resumed in 1999, when it was re-registered with its headquarters in Dobrič, Široki Brijeg.

HKD inherits traditional dances trusa, taraban, bokulja, trojanac, proleta, roma, kolanje, as traditional singing ganga, bećarac, putnička pjesma, brojkavica, svatovsko pivanje, čobansko pivanje..
HKD Vrila has set several traditional customs on the stage, of which they stand out ** „Vučari“ and ** „Sijelo u Hercegovini“.
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Our goal

Connecting the visibility and accessibility of cultural heritage through the presentation of its elements and heirs as positive promoters of the region from which the bases for economic self-sustainability come projects.

Our vision

Cultural heritage is a positive source of inspiration and creative work in life everyday. We got it from our ancestors and we need to fully pass on ours heirs.

Used resources

The DTKB provides a central technical system and technical resource experts and implementation of UNESCO recommendations and conventions of UHAKUD in BiH network associate, heir, in the field.

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Materials and patterns

Join the hundreds of professionals who help collect, process and preserve data on traditional cultural heritage.

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The Society for DTKB (Society for Digitization of Traditional Cultural Heritage) conducts projects for the collection, processing, digitization and promotion of materials on the ENKB (elements of intangible cultural heritage). The basic concepts of the DTKB Society's activities are defined by the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The DTKB Society has placed emphasis on folklore festivals as these are places where ENKB heirs regularly appear and present them.