DTKB respects the privacy of individuals and does not collect or manage personal information unless those individuals voluntarily send it to DTKB. Let us know if you do not want us to collect your personal information.

DTKB complies with national data protection laws applicable to the use and collection of personal information. Your name, email address and zip code may be passed on to third parties to get your question answered. Otherwise, your personal data will only be used to monitor the development of DTKB.

The only data we collect and store during normal use of the website is the characteristic data from the Internet server log. This information does not reveal your identity or any personal information to us. We use the data from the Internet server log for statistics and measurement of events on the website, for the benefit of users of the diple.org website. We may provide this information to third parties for analysis or to provide and improve the website and the opportunities it offers.

Unless otherwise stated above, the information is not sold or disclosed to third parties.
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DTKB reserves the right to change the terms of this privacy policy at any time when updating the information.


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