The project brings together a number of individual projects aimed at building a comprehensive multimedia database with basic data for cultural and artistic creators, works, events and collections based on nurturing, researching and promoting traditional cultural heritage of Croats in BiH. The processed data are available free of charge at

The project is implemented by the DTKB Society . The project is being implemented in cooperation with UHAKUD in BiH. The management of the companies, whose data are publicly available at, as well as various institutions in BiH and the Republic of Croatia also contributed to the realization of the project.
Miroslav Šilić, Ilija Brkić and Vlado Marić, otherwise regular members of UHAKUD's professional courses, made a significant contribution to the collection of initial information and the construction of the initial database.

The first completed database of HKUDs in BiH was completed by the Society for DTKB in 2011 and posted on the website

The main criterion for a cultural and artistic creator, work, event or collection to be included in the project is that it is oriented towards preserving, studying and promoting the traditional cultural heritage of Croats in BiH, which is related to a specific geographical area. area in BiH, and to continuously present it through its activities and existence.

All data published during the implementation of this project were obtained from the creators, organizers and owners. In this project, the Society for DTKB aims to convey information on activities in the field of nurturing, research and promotion of the traditional cultural heritage of Croats in BiH, with as vivid descriptions of the activities as possible. The DTKB Society does not evaluate the quality and originality of work and cultural expression, but only transmits information that someone is doing something and describes the work itself in a way that is exclusively seen by the creator.

The domain for this project was chosen as an inspiration for traditional musicians who used the "diple" instrument. The traditional musical instrument of the diple was heard far and wide with a piercing and pleasant sound and carried the news that a wheel had been played somewhere.

The Society for DTKB, as the leader of the project, in its other projects includes a part of activities related to traditional cultural heritage and other peoples from BiH as well as activities of generally traditional cultural and artistic creators, works and events. from the region.

All suggestions, observations, remarks as well as new ideas related to the digitization of content related to traditional cultural heritage are always welcome and can be sent to the contact e-mail open for this project info @ or contact e-mail of the Society for DTKB This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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